Multi-lingual Content

Translation engines just won't cut it. You need to provide meaningful content, translated by real people - not a lazy bot snoozing in some cyber-cubicle in a dark data center in San Jose. C'mon, we're talking about real people here!

We use the latest translation technology to provide your site's content in whatever language you need. We take it a step further (the extra mile) by utilizing browser detection technology to determine a visitor's preferred language, then provide content to them based on that. Visitors don't have to choose "English" or "Spanish" or "Visually Impaired" - their browser already knows, and we use that information to present content in a way that best suits the visitor.

So what happens when there is portion of your site that you haven't gotten around to translating? This is the EXTRA extra mile - we provide content in the fallback languages of your choice.

Don't rely on a robot to do a human's job. Translation engines just aren't THERE yet - but our multi-lingual technology is.